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At the Fedora Marketing FAD 2010 we worked on some presskits. Paul asked me that I look into my “old stuff” for some presskits I collected from others and here is now my review about that.


I found several ones I collected at the LinuxTag 2009 in Berlin. For the record: these where collected for the press at a special place near the press-rooms in the basement where the journalists had their tables where they can work. Almost every bigger event have those as far as I know, so it is  a very good place to let some of the presskits there so they can easy pick them up if they get the assignment write something about…” (that can sometimes happen very quickly).

I compared also two folder from “Messe Berlin” for the two events “it-profits” and “Linuxtag”, because it shows the differences and similaritys for ONE Organisation for TWO events at one place.
As you can see at the picture above the Folder itself looks almost the same, only a small label shows the difference.


Inside journalists will fond pressreleases wich are published for that event so far.
The presreleases had ALL at the end the parts:

* About the $event
* Statistical info about visitors, participants, budgets, etc.


Also you can good see that they all include the important w-words mostly at the first page as I also wrote in my summary about HowToWrite pressreleases for fedoraproject.
All pressreleases they include are about 2-4 pages long so that the press can extract easy necessary info. also there is enough space at the pages that people can write notices on it and mark passages for their work.

So, for continous work we always can use a set of templates wich includes the “About fedora” and statistical part and add the necessary Info like new spins (e.g. security spin, etc.) .

The CD

Some Organisations like to put their stuff on a CD. That eases the work for “us” journalists, because things like screenshots and photos for print (better quality, around 300dpi) can also included as jingles, sound and commentary in .wav or .ogg format.

One sidenote: please consider that not all journalists you want to get to have that info are familiar with OpenSource or even Linux! Moste of them will use Windows or Apple OS baes Systems and are not willing to change their Systempreferences ONLY to look into some kind of text wich will be includes in 8-12 lines of text later. So, it will be best to deliver at least plaintext.txt files, Word .doc(x) files and searchable .PDF Files also as .jpg and 300dpi .tif files for them. Then they have all they need.

An example for the content structure can be:

* Analysts (Statistics, etc.)
* Backgrounder (Infos about the Company or Organisation overall)
* Contact (one page with all necessary contact info (e.g. Fedoraproject Eventowner, press contact, Booth Organizer, etc.)
* Images (product/project pictures for web = JPG, 500kB max ; pictures for press (e.g. Portrait) = TIF, 1-5 MB max. or downloadlink)
* Overview (in Country-language and english)
* pressreleases (include 1-4 of the latest pressreleases as pdf file regarding tha actual event)
* Project xyz (name the specific project e.g. spin xyz, OLPC Project, student kit, etc.)

Then there should be all included. Also if the contact page is only one page of an pdf file it is good to have that always at (this) specific place so every journalist around the world knows how to find it.
If you have no Folderstructure it will be hard to find those, because sometimes the filenames can be like “002_PR_public_press_Content_contact_info.pdf” wich is not good to handle if you want RIGHT NOW and FAST the info.

Those package can also be placed on an USB-Stick and can easy updated for the upcoming events.

… to be continued …

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