Fedora MKTG FAD 2010 – Day 2 and 3

in the last 2 days we had much work done. On sunday some Marketing Guys from Redhat step by and we had a little talking round about Brand and to have some kind of brand book.

Then we talked on our own brand and some talking points for. Rest was covered in mel’s blog. In the evening we have an amazing late late Howo Packaging workshop with David Nally and Ryan Rix.

Now I understand how that all fits together and can pack maybe sometimes pong on my own (just kiddin).
It was also my first time at the FAD I get toknow gobby and for such collaboration work as “look here is a php-gettext.spec File we take and here I do some editing then we ad here and here some comments and then it will work” was crazy, but it works REALLY good.
For creative working on texts remotly gobby is THAT tool of choice.

Day3 mostly was on PR stuff (as previously mentioned) and I was really happy about what we all could make happen within half an hour of straight work. So hopefully to the Redhat Summit in a few weeks we can put up the first presskit with some infos, a backgrounder, some history, some statistical data, maybe some pictures and videos and the additional USB stick should not be forget. Then all can stuffed together in a nice folder and ready to ship. Hopefully after I get home on thursday I find the time to do some first designs for our presskit. Rest we will discuss with some more design gurus.
In between we heard some talk Max had at the redhat building for the “Newcomers” and also videoed it.

In the evening we had some really tasty Burgers at Mo Joes and from now on we can call mel “daddy”, because she had a really big burger …

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