FWN voices

some time ago I asked some people to speak “Fedora Weekly News” and send it as a wav, mp3, ogg or whatever that I can put it into the FWN Podcast. One of our nicest voice was also the one who send it very fast so I can put it together for the FWN Podcast Trailer mostly the german guys hear every week.

So, I put it out of the content as a standalone jingle that everyone could use it for ther own FedoraWeeklyNews podcast in other parts of the world and hopefully in many other languages.

Musikvideo: Adobe Flash Player (Version 9 oder höher) wird benötigt um dieses Musikvideo abzuspielen. Die aktuellste Version steht hier zum herunterladen bereit. Außerdem muss JavaScript in Ihrem Browser aktiviert sein.


If you think thats a good one please tell me. Also if YOU want into the FWN jingle (record “fedora Weekly News”, send it over). Thanks.

2 Thoughts on “FWN voices

  1. The second link (FWN_voices1) is broken

  2. thanks nicu. Link fixed.

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