Kindergarden Drawing

as I read Nicus posting first I thought “has he put cameras in my closet that he can see what dust is also laying on my wacom?!” and then I thought “its a good idea to test my Wacom Artpad A6 under Fedora wich is running here in a VMware Box.


I think all (or allmost all) others in the Planetfedora Crowd put the tablet at the native machine so I thought what would happen to a virtual Driver.
And I was happy: it works right out of the box as you can see!


Pretty cool or what :-) Maybe we could put up a challenge for pupils “who draws better then the Fedora Design Team” … just kidding ;-)

2 Thoughts on “Kindergarden Drawing

  1. I love what you did with that sun!

  2. at least One person who noticed it ;-)

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