DIY Lanyard based penholder for moleskine


Two things I love: Events and moleskine. But the moleskine has one great issue: you can not safly carry your pen attached anyhow to your notebook.
So, I tryed several things. Try to bend up the pen , try the penclip I saw at Patricks place but nothing really satisfied me.
So I played with my newest Lanyard I get from the last event I was on and the I got THE idea. Build one of those myself. Without or nearly without any costs and easy to modify myself.

All you need is:

  • One lanyard you like (or you not like or whatever comes across your mind, a seatbelt maybe also work…)
  • scissors and maybe a small cutter
  • needle and fibre (best in the color of the lanyard) or Hotglue
  • a lighter (no, not for smoking)
  • the moleskine of your choice


some sidenotes: I took my A6 moleskine, but it could also be the bigger or smaller ones. Be aware that the Lanyards sometimes have a cut with
another conection between. If you have a bigger moleskine you have to get one of the lanyards without an extra connection in the middle.
Else you can make two penholders out of one lanyard if you want.

Cut the Lanyard and wrap it around the moleskine cover.


Overlap the ends ca. 1-2cm. Stich the ends together (you can also glue it together, but in my case it gets faster to found a needle as to a Hot-Gluing machine).


Then I cut a hole in the wrapped around the cover Lanyard thingy. Be carefull not to cut it in two peaces. Only a hole as big as the pen of  your choice fits in.


After that I sealed the hole with the lighter, but take care that you not seal the hole itself, but only the rest things of the cut.

Then you are done. Thats it. really. You can choose whether you have the Logo or text or whatever was printed on the Lanyard inside or outside.


Also you can put business-cards or peaces of paper you had on the inside of the moleskine cover.


If you like my little project, please let me know. And if you have pictures of your own Lanyard-moleskine penholder you can send it via E-Mail if you wish (wonderer at fedoraproject dot org). Hope that little DIY-project helped others!

4 Thoughts on “DIY Lanyard based penholder for moleskine

  1. Nice! I’m gonna try this. Thanks for the idea.

  2. This is one of the best moleskine mcguyverisms I’ve ever seen :)

    Take care and keep up the good work…


  3. Very nicely done!

  4. みやD on 9. Juli 2009 at 03:33 said:

    作ってみます。 i’m try now

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