FAD EMEA 2008 – Day 2

Today we start early at 9:30 with our Agenda. Sandro came with his “broken bones” and it seems to be all fine with him (as far as i may say this so). Maybe at this point ein “Gute Besserung, Sandro. lass uns wissen wenn es Dir wieder gut geht!”.

After Lunch at the Uniklinik Cafeteria we go straight forward with work.

Most of the time gos to the discussion over the LinuxTag next year. Thanks to Marko Jung to join us at this point.

In the Evening someone from the LUG Basel who sudied Basel History made a small Sightseeing Tour. Thanks for that.

After that we had something to eat. Original Baseler Racelette.

After that we work straight into the rest of the night as the night before. We had much work and I think we made also some good progress. Some guys have almost enogh energy to walk after that (maybe 1:00 AM) to a Tapas bar, but most were to tired and got some sleep.

On Sunday morning I leave very early together with Jörg Simon but take a nice shot from two Sanität cars.

Back home I take the way over france and the weather was also on my side.

Thanks a lot, guys in special Sandro for the good work, Max to see you in person, Jeroen van Meeuwen for the good and straight forward ideas Jörg and Gerold to be yet a Fedora EMEA e.V. Member and all others that we have a very good time together. Sadly we had no time for the yumsum soups, but next time I will bring them again.  Hopefully the next FAD will be as good as this one and I will participate again.

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