FAD EMEA 2008 – Day 1

9:00 AM

Ok, here we are going. just packed up the car, some YUMYUM’s and water. All I need for the 3h trip to Basel. Next entry will be from behind the border.


Arrived at Hotel Rochat. WLAN Access: Name = roomnumber, PW=roomnumber (very secure, I know…).
For IRC you will need the very usefull mibbit.com Website (Server Freenode, Chanel #fedora-de or something like that) and for ICQ, Jabber and Co meebo.com . All very usefull in Hotels.

arround 18:00

We are at the Pinguin. A small Bar near the hotel and also near the Uni Basel. It was a nice first-meet and drink something before start up.

from left to right here: Max Spevak, Francesco Ugolino, Thomas Wörner, Sandro Mathys (sorry, for the misspelling. Its around 1:00 AM).

I know half of the guys already out from IRC, some long time in person and some I was really glad to meet.

Later we go to the Uni basel in a workshop room and begin some Topics from the Agenda.

We where around 16 people and worked several Agenda points out, so the work was pretty good so far.
After some hours of work Sandro wants to take a breath outside and slipped on the stairs outside and felt down. He has no big insury, but was short in the hospital. We hope to se him tomorrow fresh up. Thumbs up!

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